Sean Kelly

robotics/ vision/ AR/


Hi, I'm Sean! I write software to help computers understand and interact with their environments. I've worked professionally in the fields of robotics and AR/VR.

I'm passionate about sensing technologies, interfacing between hardware and software, and making these topics more accesible to future generations.

I also enjoy chess, build quadcopters, and play jazz guitar.

Work Experience

2020-Current: Seegrid, developing perception software for mobile robots (AGV/AMR) in the material handling industry.

2018-2020: ifm Robotics, developing computer vision algorithms (C++, Python, and ROS) for industrial autonomous vehicles.

2014-2018: Microsoft, working on Windows Mixed Reality Devices (HoloLens, VR, and Kinect), developing platforms for a variety of perception/localization stacks.

2011-2014: Microsoft, working on the Windows Bluetooth team developing the inbox Bluetooth (BR+LE) drivers.

Personal Projects

These days while I'm not at work, I'm focused on spending time with my family. You can see some of my previous open source work by browsing my GitHub page.