Sean Kelly

robotics/ vision/ AR/


Hi, I'm Sean! I write software to help computers understand and interact with their environments. I've worked professionally in the fields of robotics and AR/VR.

I'm passionate about sensing technologies, interfacing between hardware and software, and making these topics more accesible to future generations.

I also play chess, build quadcopters, and play jazz guitar.

Work Experience

Currently I'm with ifm Robotics, developing computer vision algorithms (C++, Python, and ROS) for industrial autonomous vehicles.

Previously I was at Microsoft (2014-2018) working on Windows Mixed Reality Devices (HoloLens, VR, and Kinect), developing platforms for a variety of perception/localization stacks.

Before that (2011-2014) I spent time on the Windows Bluetooth team developing the inbox Bluetooth (BR+LE) drivers.

Personal Projects

TheJumperWire: website with tutorials and articles on RC/Quadcopter topics.

Hand Gesture Control of a Quadcopter: Simple example of using HoloLens' hand gesture input to control position of a physical object in space.

HVAC Monitor: Python/OpenCV project for Raspberry Pi that logs the state of four HVAC zones based on parsed status LEDs.